How to engage younger employees in 2018

Younger employees require a different teaching and engagement strategy as compared to older employees as they are usually inexperienced. It is a known fact that companies that take time to build strong relationships with their employees have a higher employee engagement rate as compared to other companies. Here are a few ways employers can better engage with younger employees.

Younger employees need to feel like they are growing with a company, if not they will start to look for job opportunities somewhere else. Younger employees are also looking to be promoted at a faster rate than the traditional three to five years. Employers should get their younger employees more involved in work projects that will help them feel like they are learning and developing along with the company. Employers will not only be effectively engaging with their younger employees but also attracting new ones.

Younger employees need to feel a personal connection with a company as they are hyper-connected. They also need to have constant interaction with their bosses and will not settle for a boss they hardly see around the office. Employers should hold frequent meetings with their younger employees and also gather feedback from them in order to boost engagement and performance rates.

Keeping it real
Another way to keep further engage with younger employees is to keep it real. Being genuine and transparent with your employees is extremely crucial. This will not only forge greater relationships and trust between employers and employees but also make the younger employees appreciate their employers more.

Dare to care
Another effective way to engage your younger employees is to genuinely care about their wellbeing and paying attention to things that matter to them. Employers should set aside some time for their employees to get to know them on a deeper level and forge a more meaningful relationship. As a deeper and more meaningful bond between employer and employee forms, the employee will give more of themselves to the company.

Make them feel appreciated
It is fairly important that younger employees feel like they have a purpose in a company and are contributing effectively and making a difference. Employers should constantly find ways to make their younger employees feel like they are making a difference and that their hard work is appreciated. This will in turn make younger employees feel more motivated and help the company in the long run. It is also important that employers know what their younger employees value and excel in so that they can bring those two elements together in the workplace.

Leadership style
One other way that employers can engage with younger employees is to change their leadership and management style. Younger employees do not do well with a command and control style of management thus employers should take on a coach like style of management instead. Coaching your younger employees will make them feel more empowered and confident in the work place. Employers should also frequently gather feedback and ask for input on important matters and support their younger employees when necessary in order to further engage with them.

To round it off, younger employees should be engaged differently from older employees as younger employees share a different mindset. A few minor adjustments in a company will go a long way in engaging the younger employees.

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