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Jovian Tay

Senior Consultant

Jovian has a tertiary background in Marketing and Sales Management. She has been with People Profilers since 2008 and she focuses on mid to senior level appointments in Healthcare, Heavy Equipment, Telecommunication and Logistic recruitment for multinational corporations.

Prior to People Profilers, she was a Sales Manager with a US based telecommunication company, involved with telecommunication infrastructure development as part of the regional business development team.

For Jovian, a senior recruitment consultant, it’s always about the people. Prior to joining people profilers, with whom she has been with for nearly a decade, Jovian worked in sales. Her extensive people-oriented professional experience, which includes an education in sales and marketing, allows her to naturally engage and understand those who she works with.

Jovian’s areas of focus cover recruitment for mid to senior level positions in healthcare, civil engineering, chemical, and logistics industries. Of the many issues her clients face, Jovian is particularly cognizant of the concern of differences in work culture between her client and the candidate’s previous employers. Additionally, her clients, who operate in largely technical fields, often struggle to find candidates with suitable skillsets. Leveraging on her well cultivated people skills, Jovian opens the job to colleagues for co-broking in order to generate an even greater number of suitable profiles for consideration. She also establishes clear expectations for the candidate – expertly conveyed with her strong communication experience.

Jovian genuinely values the connections with clients and candidates, and as a such, holds frequent follow ups with both parties post commencement. Her professional yet warm manner facilitates open feedback, and feedback is taken back to the office to be analysed and applied for greater client-candidate optimisation in the future.

It is the intangible and challenging aspect of the job market that truly makes recruitment so alluring to Jovian. Due to the myriad of factors that must be taken into consideration, as well as the numerous interpersonal concerns to be aware of, Jovian believes that seeing through a successful placement really provides satisfaction that is difficult to find elsewhere.