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Tiffany Ong

Chief Consultant

Tiffany possesses a Bachelors of Business Management, with a minor in Human Resource Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. She joined the recruitment industry since 2004 before moving on to People Profilers in 2009.

She specializes in executive search in the Aerospace and High-Technology Manufacturing Industries, and is currently serving clients from Fortune 100 Companies.

Tiffany is a resourceful individual who is always quick to identify and address client’s needs. This enviable attribute extends to her selected candidates and also to her colleagues. She has been with People Profilers for around 10 years; safe to say this manager truly enjoys her job!

Tiffany specialises in dealing with clients in the aerospace and automotive industries. She also covers life sciences and property development. Many of her clients are based in Germany or the United States, and her focused exposure to these markets has provided her with insights that her clients greatly appreciate. Like many others, her clients struggle to find candidates who are a true 100% match for the job, as well as settling on appropriate remuneration packages. Tiffany’s contacts and vast pool of connections gives her an edge in sourcing talent. Her already impressive resources are further enhanced by her willingness to troll through candidate data, as well as her speed in identifying flags of suitability.

As Tiffany observes the larger picture of the recruitment line, she understands that recurring business partnerships are key for both the client and the recruitment firm to flourish. As such, she takes it upon herself to actively maintain healthy relationships with clients; establishing a sense of mutual trust and confidence.

Building on that understanding, Tiffany also encourages other professionals to always remain unbiased and transparent in their interactions with other business entities. She purports that indeed, there is no short cut to building relationships, but only hard work and sincere practice.