Know our consultants – Jansen Chng

Jansen has an aura of savvy confidence about him. Despite being relatively new to People Profilers, he’s been in the recruitment business for some time, to say the least. Jansen’s no nonsense approach to his job encourages his clients to sit back and let him handle business, which he does emphatically.

Jansen’s expertise is varied. He has successfully filled positions for mid-level to senior managerial positions, in job functions such as sales, engineering, IT, finance, accounting, logistics, and more. Many of Jansen’s clients are foreign start-ups and MNCs, both of which face similar problems; namely, a lack of understanding in local employment laws and procedures, hirers lacking in specialised domain knowledge, and a mismatch between job requirements and applicant capabilities. Jansen’s experience has led him to develop a systematic approach to diagnosing a client’s operational needs. He constructs a client profile based on their culture, structure, nature of business, hiring managers, selection criteria, and more. This enables him to proceed with screening, assessment, and subsequent processes.

Jansen understands that recruitment is a comprehensive process. Even aside from delivering on the best sought out candidate, he pays close attention to his personal engagement level, industrial knowledge, and resourcefulness. This pays big dividends in the fund of client satisfaction.

Because recruitment has increased in competitiveness in recent years, Jansen especially encourages others in the industry to focus on their individual capabilities. The service itself is tantamount, and sets them apart from the rest.


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